As a Man Thinketh

It has been a lot about what we are thinking and saying to our selves around me lately. Most of it is those negative thoughts that are so easy to listen to. “You´re no good”, “You can´t do this or that”, “You´re not worthy of success”.

The most important time of the day are those minutes/seconds between waking up and getting out of bed. It is then you are setting the rest of the day. Your thoughts about your self and the day ahead of you. Your expectations about what this day is going to give you.

Many of us are cursing Monday mornings, the boss at work, the weather or something we really can not control. Jim Rohn said “Life is like a sailing boat, the wind is blowing at us all. The difference between where we end up is in how we set the sails. It is not about the wind”.

I´m starting my day with this sentence: Today is something wonderful going to happen to me. Three times. Today is something wonderful going to happen to me.

What are your first thoughts when you wake up?

How are you setting your sails?

Have a perfect day!


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