Mindfulness is everywhere. #blogg100

My friend Piers Thurston wrote this on LinkedIn and I can only agree. 

”There’s no doubt mindfulness has become popular with the more forward-thinking organisations. Our conversation then turned to how all this ‘mindfulness training’ must be a good thing for stressed-out managers. My reply was along the lines of

“Yes. Being mindful is great…to the same extent that my 6 year old daughter now thinks that if she wears certain pyjamas, the monsters can’t get her when she goes to bed.”

What I mean by that is; yes, a meditative or ‘high quality of mind’ state that can be produced through mindfulness is very useful at many levels. But in general, the practice of mindfulness is missing the point. You don’t need to do mindful behaviours. You don’t need techniques, and you certainly don’t need to be trained in the practice of mindfulness. Understanding will go much further.

Instead, those forward-looking organisations could look at what is behind mindfulness, and make the step change to enable their people to have some true transformative realisations as to how their experience is created.

This would be a game changer. No longer would people being looking for ideas and rituals to help them become mindful. No longer would stress or mental wellbeing need to managed in an outside-in way.

And as well as all of that – their general resourcefulness and productivity would shoot up.”

If You want to know more, please feel free to contact me. 

With love. 



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