Deep Listening. #blogg100

Last night I participated in the free Three Principles Supermind webinar and there was Lise.

Lise Dandanell from Denmark.

An amazing human being and teacher of the Three Principles.

She told us about her assignment of having a talk about Deep Listening.

During her exploration of that topic she had an insight from wisdom. In all our meetings and conversation we can listen from different places.

And from most of them we are not listening at all.

For example. When we listen with a disturbed Mind our thinking is somewhere else. On what we are having for dinner that day or how to get that date we want. You get the picture. Then we aren’t really listening to the person in front of us.

When we listen with a judgemental Mind we aren’t listening either. Instead we judge the person in front of us. What does he know! How can she weare that? What a bad haircut. And so on. No listening.

Or when we are only interested in solving what ever problem he is talking about. We are in a solvingmode. No listening.

And then there is the I know mode. I know that. Sure I’ve done that. No listening there.

How do I do to listen? You ask.

There is a way that can help You to listen for your Wisdom. As soon as you recognise that your thinking is getting astray, ignore it. Don’t go there. Let it pass.  When your wisdom is showing up, You know. It comes with a warm an fuzzy feeling. It’s new thinking from the unknown. If It’s thought You recognise, its not from Wisdom. Try it some time and you’ll be surprised.

With Love.



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